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The Treatment of PTSD


PTSD is a serious condition. Fortunately, there are currently many successful ways of treating PTSD. Information on different treatment approaches for addressing PTSD is provided here.
  1. Psychological Treatment of PTSD
  2. Treatments for Specific PTSD Populations
  3. Medication for PTSD
  4. What Can Complicate the Treatment of PTSD?

Psychological Treatment of PTSD

Psychological treatments, including both cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic treatments, have been found to be successful in helping people manage and reduce their PTSD symptoms. Here get the basics of cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy, as well as describe some of these treatments.

Treatments for Specific PTSD Populations

The best treatment for PTSD can depend on whether or not a person has other psychological difficulties or the type of traumatic event experienced that led to the PTSD. For this reason, specialized treatments for specific PTSD populations have also been developed. Some of these treatments are described here.

Medication for PTSD

In addition to psychological treatments for PTSD (for example, cognitive-behavioral therapy), medication has also been found to be useful in treating the symptoms of PTSD.

What Can Complicate the Treatment of PTSD?

A number of factors can interfere with the treatment of PTSD, such as stigma, avoidance, and other disorders, such as substance use disorders, depression, and anxiety disorders.

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