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Mindfulness Skills and Exercises

Learn more about mindfulness and mindfulness exercises that may be helpful for someone coping with the symptoms of PTSD.

Bring Mindfulness to Your Everyday Activities
Mindfulness can be a very useful skill to learn for managing PTSD symptoms and anxiety in general. This article presents some ways that you can bring mindfulness to your everyday activities.

Mindfulness of Walking
Mindfulness of walking can be a useful exercise to try if you are experiencing difficulties connecting with your present moment experience. This article takes you through this mindfulness exercise.

Practicing Mindfulness of Physical Sensations
Practicing mindfulness of physical sensations can be an excellent exercise for getting in touch with your present moment experience, as well as practicing the mindfulness skill of non-judgmental observation as it applies to your own body.

Practice Being Mindful: A Quick and Easy Exercise
Mindfulness is an excellent way of coping with stress and anxiety. Here you can learn about a mindfulness exercise that is quick and can be done anywhere by anyone.

Practice Mindfulness of Eating
Learn how to practice mindfulness of eating. Eating is an integral part of everyone's life, and it provides the perfect opportunity to connect with the present moment. This article takes you through steps to eat mindfully.

Practicing Mindfulness of Your Emotions
Mindfulness can be a very important skill to learn if you have PTSD. Practicing mindfulness of emotions in particular may be quite beneficial if you struggle with intense and unpleasant emotions. An exercise for promoting mindfulness of emotions is presented here.

Mindfulness Exercises
Using mindfulness can be an excellent way of coping with stress and anxiety. Mindfulness has been around for ages. However, mental health professionals are beginning to recognize that mindfulness can have many benefits for people suffering from a variety of psychological difficulties, including posttraumatic stress disorder. There are a number...

Practice Mindfulness of Sounds
Practicing mindfulness of sounds can be an excellent exercise for getting in touch with the present moment, as well as practicing and improving the mindfulness skill of non-judgmental observation.

Using Mindfulness to Cope With Conflicts: Beginner's Mind
Using mindfulness to cope with PTSD can be very beneficial. One skill related to mindfulness that may be particularly helpful is "beginner's mind." Learn more about beginner's mind and how it can help you with your PTSD-related symptoms.

Be Mindful of Thoughts
Learn how to be more mindful of your thoughts through this simple exercise.

The Basics of Mindfulness
Learn more about what mindfulness is and how you can practice mindfulness throughout the day.

Using Yoga to Cope with PTSD Symptoms
There is some emerging evidence that yoga may be beneficial for people with PTSD. Learn more about how yoga can help reduce PTSD symptoms in this article.

Practicing Mindfulness of Your Environment
Practicing mindfulness of environment can be an excellent exercise for getting in touch with rewarding aspects of your present-moment environment, as well as helping you take a step back from unpleasant and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

Mindfulness Exercises for Internal Experiences
This article provides an overview of different mindfulness exercises particularly focused on your internal experiences, such as thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.

Mindfulness Exercises for Connecting With Your External Environment
Learn mindfulness exercises that are focused on connecting with your environment.

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