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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Information for Friends and Family

Important information for friends or family members of someone with a diagnosis of PTSD.

The Effect of PTSD on the Family
Learn more about the effect of PTSD on the family.

Coping with a Loved One's PTSD
Coping with a loved one's PTSD can be a very difficult thing to do. PTSD can have a tremendous impact on the life of the person with the diagnosis; however, it can also have a major effect on family and friends caring for that individual. Caring for someone with PTSD can be stressful. How do you cope with a loved one's PTSD? You can share your...

Bullying and the Characteristics of Those Who Bully Others
Bullying can have a major psychological impact on the person who is bullied. However, less research has been done on the bullies themselves. This article looks at gender differences in bullying, as well as the characteristics of men and women who bullied.

Coping with a Family Member's PTSD During the Holidays
Learn how to cope with a family member's PTSD during the holiday season.

PTSD and Relationship Violence
There are link between trauma, PTSD, and relationship violence. Both men and women with a history of trauma or PTSD are more likely to exhibit violent behavior towards a loved one. Learn more about how trauma, PTSD, and relationship violence are connected.

Did Media Coverage of 9/11 Put Children at Risk for PTSD?
As a result of the extensive media coverage of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, many children were exposed to tragic deaths of approximately 3,000 people -- putting them at risk for PTSD. Read about a recent study that looked at the relationship between media exposure and PTSD among children.

Children of Iraq War Soldiers Experience High Levels of Stress
Many soldiers are returning from the Iraq War showing signs of PTSD and other difficulties. However, what effect is the Iraq War having on the children of soldiers deployed in Iraq? Read about one study that examined the impact the war has had on the children of Iraq War soldiers.

The Effect of Trauma on a Mother's Attachment to Her Child
Learn about how an interpersonal trauma, such as sexual or physical abuse, can negatively impact an expectant mother's attachment to her unborn child.

Understanding a Loved One's PTSD
The family can have a positive or negative impact on a loved one's PTSD. It is very important for family members to know the symptoms of PTSD and understand how they influence a loved one's behavior.

Caregiver Burden and PTSD
Not only does PTSD have a tremendous impact on the life of the individual with the diagnosis, but it can also have a major effect on family and friends caring for that individual. The stress of caring for someone with PTSD may result in "caregiver burden." Information on caregiver burden and ways of coping with it is provided here.

PTSD and Suicide
People who have PTSD may be at greater risk to attempt suicide. If you have a loved one who you think may be at risk for attempting suicide, it is important to seek help as soon as possible. Learn about the connection between PTSD and suicide and where to go for help.

A Handbook for Families of Returning Iraq War Veterans
The National Center for PTSD provides a handbook for families of returning veterans. The handbook provides important information on what families can expect, how to better communicate, how to identify potential signs of problems in their loved ones that need to be addressed (like PTSD), and resources for getting help. The handbook (in PDF format) can be downloaded for free.

Helping Your Child Cope With Trauma
When children hear about or are exposed to traumatic events, they may have a difficult time understanding their reactions and/or coping with the impact of the event. The Sidran Institute, a non-profit organization that provides resources on trauma and PTSD, provides some helpful tips for how parents can help their children cope with and understand a traumatic event.

How I Helped a Family Member with PTSD
Having a family member with PTSD can be a very difficult experience. However, there is much that one can do to help the family member with PTSD. Strong family support and care can greatly improve the likelihood that a loved one may recover from PTSD. If you have a family member with PTSD, share your story about how you helped him or her cope.

Stress, Traumatic Exposure, and PTSD in Children
When we think of the effects of trauma (including PTSD), we primarily focus our attention adults. However, children can be exposed to a number of stressful or traumatic events that may lead to a diagnosis of PTSD or some other disorder, such as major depression. This article presents an overview of information on the effects of stress and...

PTSD Among Children and the Parents of Children with Asthma
One type of traumatic event that can lead to PTSD symptoms is the experience of a life-threatening illness, and among children, asthma is one of the most common illness that can be potentially life-threatening. Learn more about childhood asthma and its ability to lead to PTSD among both children and the parents of children with asthma.

DSM-5 Changes to PTSD Diagnostic Criteria
The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) has declared that PTSD is no longer an anxiety disorder.

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