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Information on PTSD and Panic Disorder
Jun 17, 2014 ... PTSD and panic disorder commonly co-occur. In fact, people who have experienced a traumatic event or have PTSD have been found to be at ...
Panic Disorder Advice from About.com
Credible advice about panic disorder diagnosis and treatment, including medications like Citalopram, anxiety attacks, and symptom management.
Panic Disorder - Definition, Symptoms, Treatment
Learning what panic disorder is, and what it is not, will help you on your journey to understand the disorder. This understanding is your first step toward recovery ...
Top 10 FAQs About Panic Disorder - About.com
Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about panic disorder.
The Symptoms of Panic Disorder - Top Panic Disorder Symptoms
Panic disorder is a type of anxiety disorder with many different physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms. Learn about the most common symptoms of ...
Panic Attacks - Types and Symptoms - Panic Disorder - About.com
Panic attacks are characterized by feelings of fear, dread, and uncomfortable physical symptoms. These attacks are not classified as a mental health disorder on ...
Panic Disorder - What Is a Panic Disorder - Psychology - About.com
A panic disorder is an anxiety disorder that is characterized by extreme and frequent panic attacks. The attacks include symptoms such as severe feelings of  ...
Myths About Panic Disorder-Fact Versus Fiction
There are many misconceptions about panic disorder and agoraphobia. Here we dispel the common myths about panic disorder.
Symptoms of Panic Disorder and Attacks - About.com
Recurring panic attacks are the hallmark features of panic disorder. The symptoms are sudden and intense feelings of terror, fear or apprehension.
Common Medications for Panic Disorder Treatment
Prescription medication is a common choice to effectively treat the symptoms of panic disorder, panic attacks, and agoraphobia. Medications for panic disorder ...
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