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PTSD and Other Anxiety Disorders Relationship
May 25, 2009 ... PTSD and other anxiety disorders often co-occur. For example, people with PTSD are often also diagnosed with panic disorder, social anxiety ...
Your Guide to Social Anxiety Disorder
Social anxiety disorder involves the fear of negative evaluation and disapproval in social and performance situations. The About.com SAD website is a valuable ...
Learn About Anxiety Disorders - Different Types - OCD - About.com
Anxiety disorders are prolonged exaggerations of our normal and adaptive reaction to fearful or stressful events.
What Are Anxiety Disorders? 6 Anxiety Disorders Defined
Feb 28, 2012 ... Everyone experiences some anxiety from time to time. However, people who are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder experience anxiety and ...
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) Overview and Help
Learn about generalized anxiety disorder treatment, coping, causes, diagnosis, medication, symptoms, and therapy.
What are the Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder?
May 16, 2014 ... Social anxiety disorder symptoms include cognitive, physical, and behavioral difficulties. If you suffer with social anxiety, you may wonder ...
Do You Have Social Anxiety Disorder?
This quiz will help you to learn whether your symptoms are consistent with social anxiety disorder (SAD).
Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms in Children and Teens
Social anxiety disorder may appear as early as infancy. Learn about the signs and symptoms of the disorder common to kids and teenagers.
Managing Relationships for People With Social Anxiety Disorder
Jun 29, 2013 ... A list of articles about coping with friends, family and relationships when you have social anxiety disorder.
What Are the Treatments for Social Anxiety Disorder?
Treatments for social anxiety disorder include medication and cognitive- behavioral therapy. Learn more about these and other methods of treating SAD.
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