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PTSD and Problem Gambling

By September 29, 2012

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People with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be at risk for developing a wide range of unhealthy behaviors, such as deliberate self-harm, eating disorder behavior (such as bingeing and purging), or substance abuse. One unhealthy behavior among people with PTSD that some researchers are beginning to explore further is problem gambling (also referred to as pathological gambling).

Studies on people with gambling problems have found that anywhere between 12 to nearly 33 percent also have PTSD. It's generally thought that people with PTSD may be more likely to gamble in order to escape from their problems or their symptoms of PTSD. You can learn more about pathological gambling, the relationship between PTSD and problem gambling, and where to get help if you have PTSD and/or pathological gambling in this article from About.com.

October 8, 2012 at 5:15 am
(1) PTSD Girl says:

Very interesting statistics. I read a wonderful blog about the addictive nature of war and how being constantly alert, pumped with adrenaline and on a ‘high’, can mean a vet can feel numbed by day-to-day life on return from war – and seek this adrenaline rush elsewhere. Thanks for these stats, once again very interesting, it helps us to know these things so maybe we can use the knowledge when treating those coming back from a war zone.

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